CyberClash is open to all-natural competitors who posses a valid membership to an accredited natural bodybuilding organization. This includes, but is not limited to the OCB, DFAC, and NGA. Photo proof may be required. For clarification on this please send us a message.

Yes. The entry fee is $62.50 for open classes, and $30.00 for novice classes. Second Video Submission (SVS) fees are $20.00. Cross over fees vary from $20.00 -$40.00 depending on the divisions. See signup page.

Money ! Bragging rights. Useful feedback to help their traditional competition careers. Top 5 in each class will also receive a CCN Digital Banner/Trophy.

Good lighting and clear video are undoubtedly variables to manage. However, there are also major variables to manage for traditional shows as well. Venue lighting (which a competitor has no control over) and the tanning choice and application are major variables. So with CyberClash variables will remain, but they are just different. The good news is that nearly everyone has a phone with high definition video capability. So video quality should not be a major issue. Furthermore, the video submission process will not downgrade video quality to shrink file size. In addition, the athlete has the freedom to explore anywhere she/he chooses to provide the best possible lighting for video submission. So while variables still exist, the competitor has more control and input in addressing and managing them.

Competition tan? probably not. A tan? probably. This all depends on your natural skin tone. Odds are that you will not be under the extremely bright and powerful lights of a traditional show. Those with darker skin tones could get away with a light sheen. Competitors with lighter skin may need a layer or two of a self tanner or base coat. I do not foresee anyone needing a true competition tan for CyberClash. It would most likely be too dark and not cost effective. A light sheen could also be useful.

Yes. The rules dictate that you can. Be sure to see the rules section.

The judging panel will consist of three or four judges. Permanent judging positions are reserved for Ryan Sullivan and Shauna Koehler-Sullivan as they are the creators of the criteria and scoring system. The remaining judging positions will be reserved for other trusted members in the industry; whether they be competitors, coaches, or promoters. In the end, all judges will have to pass a CCN vetting process.

The prize money all depends on the number of entries and the number of class splits per category. See Rules section for more on prize money.

We will do our best to have all the results posted within 10 days of the final video submission date.

To start off Cyberclash will not have Pro and Amateur classes. This is subject to change in the future though.

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