rule 1

All competitors must posses a valid membership to an accredited natural bodybuilding organization. This includes, but is not limited to the WNBF, OCB, ANBF, USBF and NPC Natural. Photo proof may be required. For clarification on this please send us a message.

rule 2

No filtering, editing, or altering video in any enhancement manner. Only acceptable edit is a trim at start and finish. Absolutely no in video cuts.

rule 3

Competitors can use any method to record your video. Cell phone, DSLR, handycam ect. The clearer the video quality, the better your chances. Video must be stationary.

rule 4

Competitors must use the rear facing camera if they are using their phones to record video. This will also ensure the highest possible video quality and maintain consistent video submissions throughout the course of each contest.

rule 5

After you register you will receive an audio file that will be used to call out your ¼ turns. Competitors must use this clip to dictate their ¼ turns and additional poses.

rule 6

Each competitor is allowed to submit up to two videos to be judged. However, second video submission is not a requirement. Second Video Submission (SVS) is an additional cost. Both videos will be scored and we will use the higher scoring video to determine placing. There is no double placement (competitor placing 1st with one video and 3rd with another). There will also be no feedback after the submission of the first video. All feedback will come at the end of the contest. An SVS that is not used during the contest window will give the athlete "Last Licks", and will extend the video submission window by 1 week.

rule 7

Prize money will be based on the number of entries, the number of classes, and the addition of any event sponsors. At the start of a CCN video submission window we will announce a base payout per class. As the prize money increases or changes, updates will be added to the website.

rule 8

Cross overs into additional classes are allowed at an extra fee. Natural Open Pros in an accredited federation can not enter a novice class. CCN Novice class winners can no longer do CCN novice class in that division in the future. Novice classes are NOT for any prize money. For any clarification on this please send us a message.