Scoring / Criteria


Round 1

Cyber clash is based off of a 2-round scoring system. In the first round each competitor video will be viewed and scored on its own. During the round all criteria categories will be scored from 1-10 points. Each criteria category has a Force Multiplier assigned to it in order to give more weight to more important criteria categories.

Example – Although scored 1-10, the force multiplier for the Conditioning criteria will outweigh the Presentation criteria.

Some criteria categories have excess point deduction multipliers for anyone who falls outside the criteria.

Example – if a bodybuilder with vast amounts of muscle enters a bikini class. They would score 10 out of 10 in muscularity, but would have an excess point deduction multiplier that would penalize them since they fall outside the criteria of the class.

The Scores from Round 1 will put competitors in order from highest point total (best) to lowest. This will enable to judges to make the appropriate comparisons for Round 2. Think of the competitor shuffles at a show when judges put the top competitors near center of the stage. That is what we are doing in Round 1.

The highest possible score is 250 pts per judge. If the difference between 3rd place and 4th place; and/or the difference between 6th place and 7th place is equal to or less than 6 points then that will trigger a request for a head-to-head Run Off Round. Granting a Run Off Round is at promoters discretion and will be granted if there is true path for upward mobility.

Round 2

Round 2 will address the same criteria categories of Round 1, but this time will adhere to actual rankings (1st, 2nd, 3rd….ect), as opposed to the initial 1-10 scoring model. The Top 3 points leaders will have their videos all situated and cropped along side of each other. The same will happen for points leaders 4-6. Judges will use the ranking system of a traditional show for all the criteria categories in order to determine the contest results.