About CCN

CyberClash of Naturals (CCN) is a non sanctioned, fully independent virtual online physique competition created by Ryan Sullivan of Begic Productions. 

Showcase your hard work and dedication from the comfort of your home. Our virtual competitions provide a platform for natural athletes to compete and shine, regardless of location. Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals, receive expert feedback from qualified judges, and celebrate your achievements in a digital arena. Experience the excitement and camaraderie of virtual physique competitions and take your fitness aspirations to new heights. Register now and make your mark in the world of virtual physique competitions.

 CCN by no means is an attempt to replace traditional bodybuilding shows. Instead, it is intended to provide an alternate route with a different approach and considerably less resistance.

The CCN Experience

The Murphy Cup

The Overall Winners of all CCN classes will be referred to as “Murphy Cup Winners”. The name is for the loving memory of Bill Murphy. Bill was a titan of the natural bodybuilding world. He was a bodybuilding pro, a coach, a judge, and a true ambassador to the sport. He passed away in February 2020 after a fight with brain cancer. The sport will never be able to fill the void created by his loss, but this is our way of keeping his memory alive. 

” Bill was a great man. He was the first person in the industry who actually gave me a shot. He took the time to get to know the real me and what makes me tick. He accepted me for who I was and supported me when I needed it the most. He helped me to hone my craft and gave me viewpoints and perspectives that I was lacking. He was a great colleague, an amazing mentor, and an even better friend."