Elizabeth Sloan

I’ll admit, I was super anxious about the idea of setting up and filming my own “show day” as is required for CCN. However, the nerves were completely unwarranted. All instructions for camera, performance, and submission were extremely detailed. There are so many reasons Iwould recommend entering CCN; it’s difficult to list them all in a brief testimonial! Cost: low, and so worth it; tan, makeup, hair: no cost! Or you can utilize these services on an in-person stage day and film your submission that same day! Also, it is so much fun: you get to put together your own routine and put on your own music during your stage walk to get in the zone. The most exciting part for me was the data-driven results and feedback cards. The feedback forms include written feedback from each judge, your scores in all categories that go into your total score, AND you get to see how you compared to your competitors! 100% would recommend to ALL competitors.